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The business owners plan for and design an e-commerce app to help in reaching the targeted audiences. But every one of them doesn’t get the success which they had planned for. The reason for their failure is that they fail to hire the professional e-commerce app developers of a renowned e-commerce mobile application development company. This is not just wastage of time and money but it also creates a negative impression on the audiences.  

Aryston Web Solution, the top e-commerce mobile application development company in India has successfully met the needs of the clients and exceeds their expectation. From serving the startups and medium-size organizations to big business enterprises they have always completed the project on time and maintained a healthy relationship with the clients.

Features of E-Commerce App

E-commerce apps are becoming much more in demand. Not only it is helping the customers and enhancing their shopping experience but on the other hand, it is also benefiting the company’s owners too. As people find it much easy to shop from an online store it becomes very important for you to have an e-commerce app so that you can reach out to the targeted audiences and fulfill your business goals. 

The main reason for developing an e-commerce app is to enhance the user experience. The customers should find it easy to use your app. So while designing and developing an e-commerce app you should keep this thing in mind. And if you think that it is a difficult task and you need to hire the experts of e-commerce app development in Kolkata, then we at Aryston Web Solution are here to help you in the best possible way. Now it is crucial for you to understand the features which your e-commerce apps should have. The best e-Commerce app features are as follows:

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    Social media integration

    As the best e-commerce app development company in Kolkata we understand the importance of social media integration. Having that in an e-commerce app is important as it will help the customers to login, register and share information about the products. In short, all this will help you in increasing the sale of your products.

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    Registration feature

    The registration process should be short, easy, and simple. You should only ask for that information of your customers which are relevant such as the name of the customer, full address, building name, nearest location, contact information, how they are going to pay for the purchase which they have made, etc. Push notifications: This is another vital feature of an e-commerce app that drives more sales. It always keeps informing the customers about the new products. It reminds them of which date the new products will be launched and the time when the sale will start or begin.

  • 03

    Custom branding

    Your e-commerce app should have your custom branding logo. The logo should be attractive and colorful so that customers can remember it. The logo should be designed perfectly because it will represent your brand and the customers should find it easy to associate with your brand.

  • 04

    Google Analytics

    Once you have the e-commerce app ready and the customers have started buying the products what is important for you is to know in which products the customers are showing more interest. Not only that it is also crucial for you to know how many customers are using your app for shopping and at what time the crowd is more. To understand these entire things you should use Google Analytics for your e-commerce app.

  • 05

    Support multiple payment options

    Your e-commerce app can only be successful if it can support multiple payment options. The easy payment options which your e-commerce app should consist of credit and debit card payment, pay on delivery, net banking, cash, PayPal, Pay Tm, etc.

  • 06

    Feedback and Rating

    Feedback and rating of the customers are important for you to understand what they are thinking about your company, are they satisfied with the products and services which you are offering, etc. This will help you in improving your service.

  • 07

    Wish list

    This is another important feature of an e-commerce app. It helps the customers to easily find the products which they are interested to buy. They don’t have to start from the beginning. They just need to tap on or press the wish list button and they will directly go to the wish list page.

  • 08

    Search options

    As there are hundreds and thousands of products which you may be selling what is important for you is to remember that the customers don’t have that much of time to find what they are looking for. The search options help the customers in finding the products and services of their choice. This also helps in saving time and effort.

Apart from this, the other features which your e-commerce app should give are easy checkout, filtration, synchronization, navigation, offline mode and fewer clicks. These are the features which your e-commerce apps should have.

Benefits of hiring us

Hiring the expert team members of Aryston Web Solution best E-Commerce app design and Development Company will be a smart decision for the betterment of your company. Not only that there are many other reasons for which you should hire us for e-commerce mobile app design service such as:


As a reputed e-commerce mobile app development company in India, we have employed the most experienced e-commerce app designers and developers. So you can trust us for offering you the best in class service.


For us, no work is too small or too big and this has helped us to exceed the expectation of our clients.  


It doesn’t matter to us whether we are working with startups or big companies. We have helped the clients in designing and developing e-commerce app who belongs from different industry. And our only aim is to help them in getting the best results.


Communicating with the clients, understanding their problems and kind of service which they want is the first thing which we make the effort for. This is very much important for us because it helps us in offering the best solutions to the clients.


Another benefit of hiring the professional e-commerce app designers and developers of Aryston Web Solution is that we can easily create a user-friendly and highly functional website.


Once you hire us for e-commerce app designing and development process you can be sure that you will get the best results.

Thus for E-Commerce App Design service in India, you can hire the professionally trained and experienced team of Aryston Web Solution. Our dedicated team follows all the rules, regulations, guidelines and e-commerce app development process thoroughly. From analyzing the requirement of the clients to guiding them to fulfill their needs, we are always there to help them out.

Hiring Aryston Web Solution professional e-commerce mobile app Development Company in Kolkata, India you get the additional benefits of accessing the latest tools and technologies, hiring the experts on whom you can trust and most importantly getting the best e-commerce app development service at a competitive price.

Why you should choose us

With years of experience in this business sectors, we understand the needs of our clients, the kind of service which they are looking for and the strategies that we should use for offering them a high level of service.

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    Experience and trained employees

    Our expert team members are professionally trained and experienced. They can easily help you in reaching out to the targeted audiences.

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    Skilled e-commerce programmers have great knowledge and technical skills. From designing and developing an e-commerce app to a website they can easily manage any kind of job efficiently.

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    Knowledge about the technology

    Our professionals always keep themselves up to date about the latest technologies. This helps us to stay ahead of our competitors and provide a high standard of service to our clients.

  • 04

    On-time project delivery

    As a reputed e-commerce mobile app development company in Kolkata our dedicated programmers make their best efforts to complete and deliver the project on time.

  • 05

    Healthy and long relationship

    One of the main aims of our expert app developers is to maintain a healthy and long term relationship with the clients. By offering a high standard of service and completing the project on time we have always successfully achieved our aim.

  • 06


    We deliver what we promise to our clients. From offering the best e-commerce app development service in Kolkata at a competitive price to.

ensuring that it enhances the users experience you can trust us for all this work.So if you don’t want to face such kind of situation and looking forward to taking your business to a new height then for that you should hire the professionals of Aryston Web Solution, the top e-commerce mobile app development company in Kolkata.

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